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Personal Income Tax & International Executive Services

Our International Executive Services (IES) group offer a wide range of compliance, advisory and administrative services to international and local organisations to help them and their employees manage their affairs with the numerous rules impacting their employment in Vietnam.

Why is Personal Income Tax advice important?

For many organisations, the pressure to compete means increasing the size and scope of their workforce. The demands of growing and managing an increasingly complex workforce include reporting, withholding and regulatory compliance issues in each country in which your employees operate. These obligations can be difficult to keep up to date with and can use up significant resources.

For mobile international executives, tax can be a major consideration and for human resource professionals, the need to provide answers to questions relating to tax can be pressing.


Our market-leading International Executive Services (IES) practice is dedicated to helping global companies better manage their international workforce.

When our clients send their employees on international assignments, we can provide proactive expatriate services along with international human resources and tax advice. When clients consider acquisitions, mergers, or downsizing, we can offer professional advice and guidance on related issues affecting their expatriate workforce.

ADAC's personal tax practice has the people, experience, technology and flexibility to help all kinds of organisations; regardless of their stage of local or global development.

We are part of a network of professionals from ADAC member firms. Our network consists of over 1,800 IES professionals from ADAC member firms worldwide providing services for more than 60,000 mobile employees in more than 800 organisations.
How can we help?

  • ADAC’s Personal Income Tax & International Executive Services include:
  • Outsourcing compliance services
  • Equity based compensation advice
  • Tax efficient remuneration advice
  • Local and International tax planning and advisory services
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