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Risk Consulting

A disciplined and inclusive approach to risk management and compliance issues can help sustain organisational success. It can also help to minimise the impact of unpredictable events and maximise opportunities.
Striving for business growth, managing its associate risks and complying with legislation requires a delicate balance. It is often hard to assess the success of this based on a single metric or one key performance indicator. To varying degrees, all organizations are exposed to risks associated with:

  • Operational deficiencies and effectiveness
  • Fraud and misconduct
  • Legislative and regulatory non-compliance
  • Commercial disputation and litigation
  • Technological change
  • Business continuity
  • Reputation damage
  • Climate change and other environmental issues

Given the breadth and complexity of the typical organisational risk profile, it is increasingly recognised that risk management cannot be the responsibility of a single individual or department — rather it has to be embedded across the organisation, starting with the Board and the General Director.

Risk management should be embedded within an organisation to minimise the impact of unpredictable events and maximise opportunities.

We understand the importance of accountability and transparency to business stakeholders. Drawing on our deep business experience both locally and globally, we can help identify ‘blind spots’ and enhance the awareness of business risks.

How we can help?

ADAC works with organisations (including Boards, General Directors, Finance Directors, risk officers, internal auditors and line managers) to help them better understand their risk exposures and develop robust control systems and measures. We show clients the difference between being risk averse and risk aware.
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